Will I see quotes when I am responsible for repair costs?

If you are responsible for damage to another member's car, Car Next Door will arrange repairs so that the owner can get their car back on the road as soon as possible. You will not be able to see quotes or choose the repairer.

Will I receive a quote before the repair is made?

If damage occurs during a borrower's trip, the Owner is entitled to get the car repaired as promptly as possible.

Neither Car Next Door nor the owner is required to provide a quote and seek permission from the liable borrower. This would cause delays in getting the repairs finalised for the owner.


Will I receive more than one quote to verify that the amount charged is fair? 

Car owners are entitled to get their car repaired at their preferred choice of repairer, including Car Next Door's preferred repairer.

Car Next Door reviews all quotes and ensures that they are fair and reasonable. Requesting multiple quotes and then getting a car repaired at the lower quote is not required and is contrary to an owner's right to use their preferred repairer.



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