For owners: do I get compensation or fee relief if my car gets damaged?

We don't provide compensation for lost income, however we do compensate you $25 for every day that your car is unavailable to you due to damage caused by a borrower.

You will still be charged your $60/month membership fee even while your car is out of action, as this is what covers your car's insurance.

Unable to use compensation

If your car is damaged by a borrower, we'll pay you $25 for each day your car is unavailable to you, to a maximum of 28 days. This payment is to help you find alternative ways to get around while your car is out of action.

Note that you're only eligible for this payment if your car was damaged while in a borrower's booking, and only for the days when the car was unavailable to you (for example, while it is at the repairers, or if the damage renders it undrivable). We'll only offer this compensation if you use one of our preferred repairers.

This payment is not a compensation for lost income while your car is unavailable to borrowers. It is a goodwill gesture we extend to you in recognition of the fact that you have been inconvenienced by the actions of a borrower. We fund this payment ourselves - it is not covered by our insurance policy.

Membership fees

You will be charged your $60/month membership fee whenever your car is on the Car Next Door platform, even at times when it is out of action due to damage. The membership fee includes comprehensive coverage in our fleet insurance policy, so if you were to stop paying your membership fees we would need to stop your car's insurance coverage. It's important to remember that your car's coverage under our policy is what makes it safe to rent out your car, and possible to repair the damage caused by borrowers.

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