Where have I authorised Car Next Door to take payment from my account or credit card?

When you join Car Next Door you agree to abide by Car Next Door's terms and conditions set out in our Member Agreement and other policies, which you can view on our Terms of Use page. These terms and conditions to help our community run smoothly. 

The Member Agreement governs our agreement with you, so it's important that you read it carefully. You agreed to all of the conditions set out in the Member Agreement when you first signed up with Car Next Door. This includes allowing us to collect a payment after you have taken a trip (Member Agreement, clause 22), after incidents of damage (Member Agreement, clause 9) and any fees associated with your use of the service, including inconvenience and admin fees (Member Agreement, clause 20) amongst other situations.

This authorisation is ongoing as long as you are a member of Car Next Door. If at any time you want to stop authorising future payments then we will need to cancel your membership with Car Next Door. When cancelling your membership, you must settle all outstanding balances.

It is our responsibility to give you invoices that detail the charges that have been placed on your card or account. We are not required to notify you when we charge you, however we do our best to notify you each time we take a payment from you.

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