What is the minimum and maximum booking period?

The minimum booking period is 1 hour, and you can book a car for as long as you like provided it is available.

Bookings longer than 10 days require the owner's approval, so just get in touch with the owner to check if their car will be available for the whole time you need it. You can find the owner's contact details on the booking page (you need to be an approved member and logged in). If you're planning to drive interstate, get permission from the owner for that too. 

Pre-payment for long trips

For trips longer than seven days, we will charge part of the total cost in advance and may take progress payments throughout the booking. We usually collect the pre-payment within 7 days of the trip starting.

At the end of your tip, we'll calculate the final total cost. If this is less or more than we have already charged you, we'll fix up the balance then.

This pre-payment is separate from the $250 pre-authorisation that is frozen on your card at the time you book and returned 7 days later. Read more about the pre-authorisation

This pre-payment for long trips is outlined in the Member Agreement (clause 21.3).

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