Minimum and maximum booking periods

Short answer:

The minimum booking period is 1 hour, and you can book a trip for as long as you like provided the car is available.

If you're planning to drive more than 500km away from the car's home address, you'll need to get permission from the Owner and Car Next Door. Contact us if you'd like to do this.

Long trips

We will charge the time charge and insurance upgrade charge in advance when you book. If you are planning a very long trip and can't pay all of these costs in advance, then with the Owner's agreement, the Owner could block out their car out for the whole time and you could book for blocks of weeks at a time, extending your trip along the way. Each time you extend you will need to pay for the extra time in advance.


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  • If borrower finds fuel tank is LOW they simply refuel car & get reimbursed for the cost, that's great we're not paying out of pocket. However what about refunding the TIME SPENT ??? If i borrow car for the minimum 1 hour & i must spend 30 to 40 minutes going to & from the petrol station, then I'm only left with 20 minutes to do my errands? THAT'S VERY UNFAIR !!! CND needs to urgently address this dilemma! ???

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  • Hi Shmuel, I understand it's frustrating when you need to fill up the car on a short trip. We ask all members to leave the car with at least 1/4 tank of fuel. You'll find that most owners and borrowers are really good at leaving the car with more fuel than this so you won't be caught out if you've only borrowed the car for an hour or two, but it's always a good idea to allow a bit of extra time in your booking to allow for refuelling and finding a park at the end of your trip.

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