Booked your car's install date? Exciting! Your car will soon be out there doing more of what it's made for (getting people around) and earning its keep.

There just are a few things you need to do before your car is made available for bookings.


 1. Nominate any additional drivers

Does anyone other than you drive your vehicle? You will need to nominate them as an “Additional Driver” before they drive your car so that if there is any damage to your vehicle while they are driving, it will still be covered under our insurance policy. 

See: How to nominate additional drivers


2. Set the age of the youngest driver

You can choose the minimum age of Borrowers who will be able to drive your car. Allowing younger drivers will increase the number of people who can book your car, but in some cases may increase your CTP premium.

See: how to set the minimum age for a Borrower.


In QLD and NSW, you may need to make a change to your CTP insurance if you set the age of the youngest driver lower than your own age.


3. Certify that your car is roadworthy

It is your responsibility (and a requirement of the Member Agreement) to make sure that your car is roadworthy at all times when it is available for sharing.

In NSW and QLD, even though your vehicle is checked for roadworthiness each year, we need you to confirm that to the best of your knowledge your car is currently roadworthy. If your car passed the roadworthy check and has been regularly serviced, then it should be fairly straightforward to confirm that it is still roadworthy.

In Victoria there is not a system of annual roadworthy checks, so you may need to do a more detailed inspection.

You can use this checklist to see if your car is meeting these standards.


4. Understand the Damage Policy

There is a very low incidence of damage to cars, but it’s important that you understand how to deal with any instances of damage to your car.

You should read and understand the Damage Policy.


5. Schedule your car's availability

This is the most important thing you will need to do in order to share your car – and possibly the one that takes the most mental adjustment if you’re used to just jumping in your car on a whim. 

Always book your car when you're going to drive! 

(NB: You do not need to book your car until we make it available for bookings on the website (which will happen after you have completed all of these steps.)

See: How to manage your car's availability using your online calendar.


6. Give your car a clean

Give your car a clean so that it’s ready for your first Borrower – get rid of any rubbish and take out your personal possessions, vacuum the interior, and clean the windscreen and windows.

See: Keeping your shared car clean

  Quick Tip

A number of mobile car cleaners and mechanics offer special discounts to Car Next Door members. Log in to the website and look under 'Useful Contacts' in the top right menu to find the details.


7. Cancel your existing comprehensive insurance

Your car will be covered under Car Next Door’s fleet comprehensive insurance policy from the date the in-car technology is installed, so you can cancel your existing comprehensive insurance.


What happens now?

It can take a few weeks to months to build up a steady user base for your car. Some of our top-earning owners had very slow starts, so if your car is quiet for the first little while, keep the faith! That said, some car owners have been surprised by how busy their car gets straight away.

We will be doing a lot of local marketing. This includes sending out a flyer to your neighbours that looks like it’s handmade by you – you’ll get an email shortly with details of our marketing activities.

If you do find that things are slow to start with, please give it at least six months to let your local car-sharing community evolve. We’ll be keeping track of your car’s activity during this time, and helping out with some extra marketing if needed. 

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