What to do if you put the wrong fuel in a car


If you put the wrong fuel in a car, do not turn on the car. If you've already started driving, pull over and turn the engine off immediately.

Each car's refuelling instructions specify what type of fuel it takes: petrol (E10, 91, 95 or 98), diesel, or LPG. Putting diesel in a petrol car, or petrol in a diesel car can damage the engine.

If you put the wrong fuel in a car, it's important to get it fixed as soon as possible to avoid causing damage to the engine.

What to do if you put the wrong fuel in a car

If you realise that you have put petrol in a diesel car (or diesel in a petrol car):

  1. Do not turn the engine on or move the car. If you have already driven the car, turn it off immediately and park in a safe place.
  2. Call Wrong Fuel Rescue on 1300 28 28 20 (24 hour service).
  3. Email the owner letting them know what has happened, and copy members@carnextdoor.com.au
  4. Wait with the car until Wrong Fuel Rescue arrives and fixes the problem.
  5. If the car can be driven, then you may continue with your trip, or return the car to its home location.
  6. If the car needs to be towed, call Car Next Door

Paying for tank draining and repairs

You will need to pay for the service and for any repairs that need to be made as a result of you putting the wrong fuel in the car. You will also need to pay for towing if required.

You can either pay Wrong Fuel Rescue on the spot, or, if you are unable to do this, call Car Next Door. We will pay it and charge you in your invoice.



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