Troubleshooting - if you have a problem with a car

With Car Next Door, you have a huge range of cars to choose from. Each of them have their quirks!

If you're having trouble with a car:

  1. Read the owner's instructions - you'll find these in the website or app
  2. Read our common troubleshooting tips below
  3. Call someone for help:
  • If it's a question about a particular feature of the car - like a warning light on the dash or how to open the fuel cap - call the owner. You'll find their contact details in the website or app.
  • If you can't get on to the owner, give us a call. You can find our number in the website or app.
  • If you've broken down, got a flat battery or a flat tyre, you can call roadside assistance for help - here's how to contact them.

Exclamation light on dash

  • The exclamation light on the dashboard usually means that the handbrake is still on.

Other lights on dash

  • Dashboard lights are usually colour-coded:
    • a red light indicates a potential safety issue or serious problem - pull over immediately and contact Roadside Assistance
    • a yellow (sometimes orange) light indicates that something needs to be repaired or serviced soon - contact the owner to check if they're aware of the issue; if you can't get in touch with them, call Car Next Door
    • A green (sometimes blue) light indicates that a system is on or operating - for example cruise control or headlights
  • If you're unsure what any symbols on the dash mean, pull over and check the car's manual (probably in the glovebox) or contact the owner

Car won't start

  • If it's a manual the clutch AND brake needs to be depressed - if you don't know this, you are most likely not an experienced manual driver. Stop driving immediately and call us - we'll find an automatic car for you to drive instead. 
  • Often cars won't start unless the brake is depressed and car is in park (automatic cars).
  • Steering wheel might be locked. Need to jiggle it at the same time as turning the key in the ignition. The car will start and the steering wheel will release.
  • Keyless ignition: these cars usually display instructions on the dash. Usual requirement is to depress the brake and then push the start button. Start button may have to be held for several seconds.
  • Are all the doors closed properly?

Car won't turn off

  • The car needs to be in park and handbrake up.

Handbrake won't release

  • Need to press the button down and release it/pull it up as hard as you can. If someone strong has driven the car prior, it might be hard to get down.

Can't turn headlights on

  • The headlights are not always controlled by levers next to steering wheel. Might be a dial to the right of it.

Can't open the fuel cap

  • Some fuel caps lock shut when the car is locked. If it won't open, check the car is unlocked.
  • Some fuel caps open with a lever inside the car, some (eg some VW's) have a push button catch on the cap itself. You just push on the side of the fuel cap and it will pop open - as long as the car is unlocked.

Still stuck?

  • Try calling the owner for advice.
  • Search Google for the problem (e.g. how to open fuel door on 2015 Honda Jazz), or search for the car's manual to locate a switch or find out what an icon means.
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