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Car Next Door takes a commission on your car's earnings. The percentage of commission we take varies depending on your which sharing plan you choose.

Our share of income goes towards our costs of supporting you and your Borrowers for every booking, including:

  • Phone, live chat and email support around the clock to help you or your Borrowers out if there are any issues
  • Developing and maintaining the software that makes car-sharing possible (we have a team of software developers and project managers working on it - it’s very hard to make it seem this easy!)
  • People and systems to handle fines and process fuel payments, tolls and all the money that changes hands
  • People to organise any repairs and sort out disputes about damage
  • Digital marketing for your car (Google ads and targeted ads on social networks)
  • Absorbing the risk of a Borrower not paying for their trip or any damage - you’ll always get paid, even if we can’t recover from the Borrower.

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  • It's probably better to have some eg of what your trying to say above because it is rather hard for me to understand without seeing some eg of say a monthly income breakdown

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  • Detail exactly when the $60 per month is deducted. In the above example is it taken out from my resulting income or the initial income?
    For example my car earns $120, you keep a 50% then hand over $60 of which I then have to pay for the monthly fee? or does my car earn $120 and the $60 monthly fee is taken out then you keep 50% which is $30 and I get the remaining $30.

    Also I read the article on what the commission fee is for, which seems to cover everything, so what is the membership fee for?

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