Our in-car technology and how we install it

Short answer:

If you join our Instant Keys or Instant Keys Plus+ sharing plan, we install three pieces of technology in your car to make renting it out easy: a lockbox, toll tag, and GPS tracker.

An electronic lockbox

The lockbox provides 24/7 key access to Borrowers so you don't need to worry about meeting up to hand over the key. It has a keypad on the front. The Borrower gets a unique code for each booking. They punch in that code to open the lockbox and get the keys, and put the keys back in the lockbox once they've parked and locked your car at the end of the booking.

A toll tag

Any tolls incurred in your car – by your or Borrowers – will be charged through our toll account. Our booking system automatically works out who had the car at the time the toll was incurred and charges the right person. We subtract your own tolls from your monthly income, and the Borrower's tolls are billed completely separately - you never see them. You can take your own toll tag out of your car and suspend your account. If you have a pre-paid or auto top-up toll account, check if you have any remaining credit and ask your toll provider for a refund.

A GPS tracker 

Our GPS tracker measures how far Borrowers drive so we can pay you your distance income.

We don't make any permanent or physical alteration to your car or property. When the devices and optional stickers are removed, your car will be just like it was before. There are no costs to have your car installed or uninstalled. We send our friendly technicians to get your car ready and install the devices, and if you need to come off the platform for any reason we will come back out and remove everything.

Key Handover

If you join our Key Handover plan, we don't install technology in your car. The key exchange, tolls and distance tracking are all managed manually.

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