How we calculate how far you drive

Short answer:

There are two ways we calculate how far Borrowers drive, depending on the sharing plan and optional extras the Owner has chosen. Some cars are fitted with a device that tracks how many kilometres Borrowers drive. For other cars, we ask the Borrower to enter the odometer reading at the start and end of the trip and the Owner confirms these details after the car has been returned. 

If you borrow a car with a device fitted, you don't need to record the odometer as our device will track how far you drive automatically. If you need to enter the odometer reading, the trip instructions in the app will tell you when you pick up and return the car.

If you would like to double-check that you have been billed for the right distance, you might like to plot your trip on Google Maps and use that as a secondary source of comparison. If you're still concerned that you've been charged incorrectly, please get in touch so we can investigate.


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