Uploading photos to join Car Next Door/verify your account


If you are having difficulty uploading photos for your account verification, you can email them to us instead.

Send three photos:

  1. your licence,
  2. your face,
  3. your face next to your licence

to applications@carnextdoor.com.au and we will attach them to your application.

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  • Need take photos face go to get beauty champion.
    Just get details and license phone. Is good

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  • The photos are just to verify that you're the person in your licence - there's no beauty competition :-) They won't be used for any other purpose.

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  • will email changing providers on my mobile will send photos
    to you, the same with solar rebate identification.

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  • I try to rent my car out. Why would they need your photo holding your licence to verify your account ? Since you upload your own photo already?. I'm so frustrated with their account verification for the last 2 day because I couldn't find where I put my license But I've uploaded my own photo, my passport and my license (I tooks picture few weeks ago) now I just can't remember where I put it ?. Because of this they didn't pass my verification account. After 2 day I'm stuck with this and live chat msg are useless when I asked for Help?. That's it I'm gonna deteled this app.

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