Uploading photos during a trip

If you're having difficulty uploading photos from the start or end of a trip, take the photos and keep them on your phone or camera.

  • You can log in to the app (not website) to upload them later when you have better connectivity. You'll need to upload these photos within 48 hours of your trip ending.
  • If you're still having trouble after your trip, email them to members@carnextdoor.com.au within 48 hours of your trip ending.

Uploading photos during sign up

If you are having difficulty uploading photos for your account activation, you can email them to us instead.

Send your 3 photos:

  1. your licence,
  2. your face,
  3. your face next to your licence

to applications@carnextdoor.com.au and we will attach them to your application.

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  • Hi guys, great app honestly but it would be good if you could develop the "uploading photos during a trip" on the web because I'm having issues when doing it from the Android app (I use an Samsung S9). Selecting photos is challenging and the overall process is hard, compared to the rest of the app that is user-friendly, it's a pity. Cheers.

  • Hi Hakim, sorry you've had trouble uploading photos through the app. We're working to iron out that bug. You can upload photos through the website, but only during your trip. After your trip has ended, you can only upload photos through the app at this stage. If you're still having trouble uploading them after your trip, email them to members@carnextdoor.com.au within 48 hours.

  • Why did you introduce this new mandatory photo upload step if it isn't working properly? I don't mind doing this, it just took multiple attempts for me to realise it wasn't going to work and thereby delaying the start of my journey. My subsequent attempts to upload when I returned to a wifi connection also failed. I can send photos to email address by that is just putting more effort on the user.

  • Hi Kate, thanks for your feedback. It's as if the app cannot recognize the photos located on the right side of the screen when you select them from your library (on my Android device - S9). It jumps to the middle of my photo library and I have to scroll up/down to retrieve my photos, etc. Thanks for the workaround but from a UX, I don't think that someone will upload photos while still in the trip... Thx anyway

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