Marketing your vehicle: what we will do and how you can help

What we will do

  • When your car first goes ‘live’, we may (depending on what marketing has been done in your suburb previously) deliver a personalised note from you to your neighbours within 300 metres of your home, telling them all about your car. This is designed to look ‘hand made’ and is signed with your name – it looks nothing like glossy marketing brochures, and has proven to be our most effective marketing method. You will receive an email showing what these flyers look like. Please contact us if you have any questions about them.

  • From time to time we run promotions where we give new Borrowers free driving credit to try out Car Next Door – this is at our cost, and Car Owners still receive income as normal.

  • On our basic Borrowers’ plan, there are no membership or application fees, so people can try us out risk-free.

  • We put stickers on the rear and side windows of your car, so people can find it on the street and know it's available.

  • We have had and will continue to have a plethora of media interest, social media and PR - because it's such a great idea :-)

  • We distribute leaflets to local cafes and businesses to spread the word.


What you can do 

You can help to get your car off to a flying start by:
  • Following us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and sharing with your friends

  • Telling people about neighbour-to-neighbour car sharing

  • Making sure your car's profile is as appealing as possible - use a clear photo that will really make your car stand out, and write a clear description that highlights your car's best features. Click here for more tips on creating the perfect profile for your car.
  • Circulating your car’s profile page with friends and family, community groups, local Facebook groups, etc.

  • Posting an ad on Gumtree (here are the instructions) and posting flyers on community noticeboards around your area (email for a PDF you can print out)
  • Inviting people to join Car Next Door. For anyone who signs up and starts to use Car Next Door using your invite code, they will get credit to try us out and you will also be rewarded with credit. Visit our Invite a Friend page for details.

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