What to do if you find a car dirty or messy

Short answer:

If you arrive at a car to find it unacceptably dirty or messy, please let us know right away. Take some photos and report it to us through the Help Centre.

We'll let the person who left the mess know that they need to pull up their socks and in appropriate cases we may fine them.

It can be tricky, because everyone has their own standard of cleanliness, and what seems fine to one person may be gross to another. Often, a friendly chat with the car's Owner (or previous Borrower) will fix the problem.
If the car you've booked is so messy that you don't want to drive it, call us and we'll do our best to put you in another car nearby.
You can also give feedback by leaving a review.
As a community-powered share car network, we rely on everyone doing their bit to keep cars clean. People are usually really good with this - you'll find that almost all of the cars are kept in great nick. 
But occasionally things can slip, so if you ever find a car that's not up to your standards just let us know. 


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