What to do if you find a car dirty or messy

Short answer:

If you arrive at a car to find that it is dirty, please let us know right away. Take photos and report it to us through the Help Centre, or by phone if it's so dirty you don't want to drive it.

We'll compensate you in line with our Cleanliness Policy. If the car you've booked is so dirty that you don't want to drive it, call us and we'll do our best to put you in another car nearby.
It's important that you report the issue and take photos at the start of your trip, so that we know that it wasn't you who made the mess. You should take photos of all surfaces of the car and the interior and upload them through the app at the start and end of each trip.
You can also give feedback by leaving a review.


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  • All Car next door borrowers, be very careful!
    I was charged recently $35 for Jacob's Subaru - very dirty car !!!
    Obviously, I took the photos at the start of my trip, to show that it wasn't me who made the mess and uploaded them through the app at the start and end of my trip.
    I regret not calling to report it immediately because I needed it on the spot and didn't have the time to start complaining about it.
    Therefore, please know, that Car Next Door will charge you $35 for a mess you did not make, even though you took photos to prove it.

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