Getting used to sharing your car with other people

What it's like to share your car with others

Being a part of the sharing economy has many benefits, including being a part of the community, making money to offset the cost of having a car, helping the environment and having something working for you - while you’re not!

However, getting used to being the proud new owner of a share car does mean that you should expect a few changes, like:

  • The car might not be where you left it. Don't worry, though, our GPS mapping will show you exactly where it is. (Read the FAQ on how to find your car after a booking)
  • The radio station might be different, or the seat in a different spot. It’s a bit of a change at first, but you will quickly get used to adjusting the car when you jump in to exactly how you like it.
  • There might be a few minor scratches. We like to think of it in a similar way to when we lend our car to our friends. If you wouldn't claim for damage if you or a friend had caused it, then you won’t be able to claim it under our insurance policy. The distance income you get for each kilometre a borrower drives will add up and cover the cost of any minor wear or tear.  


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