How do I manage my car's availability calendar?

Use your car's calendar to you can see when it has bookings and block out times when it is not available.

Any time that you have not blocked out is available for Borrowers to book instantly.

You can use the calendar to block out time for a one-off trip or a recurring time each week. 

How to manage your car's calendar


To view your car's calendar, log in to the app or website and select 'Cars' in the top menu.

Click 'View Details' for the car you want to manage.

Either drag and drop to select the times you want to block out, or enter the start and end times in the fields at the right. Click 'Add new blockout'.

If you would like to block out this same time each week, tick the 'Repeat weekly' box.


To cancel a block out, go to your car's calendar, select the block out you would like to cancel, and click 'Remove selected block out'. You can also choose to remove all future block outs.


Quickly block out your car for your own use

If you're about to jump in your car, log in to the app or website > Cars > Select the car and select 'Quick blockout' to book your car for the next 1 hour, 3 hours, 24 hours or as long as you need.


Availability policy 

Keep in mind that you need to keep your car available for bookings at least 50% of the weekdays and 50% of the weekend days on average in order to be eligible for the $60/month membership fee. See the Fair Availability Policy FAQ for more detail. 

If you're eligible for the Income Guarantee, additional availability requirements apply.


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