To keep prices low and make sure that all members have a good experience, Car Next Door relies on all members (both Borrowers and Car Owners) doing the right thing by their fellow members.

In the event that a member does the wrong thing, Car Next Door needs to charge fair fees and penalties to discourage those activities; compensate other members who have been put out; and cover our extra costs of administering ‘the fix’.

These are set out in Fee Schedule

Reporting issues

If another member does something that inconveniences you (like leaves a mess or leaves a vehicle with less than 1/4 tank of fuel or parks it in the wrong spot), please report it to us. Depending on the circumstances, We may fine the other member and pass on part of the fine to you. (We keep some to contribute to our admin costs.)

Please note that the Fee Schedule also applies to car owners when they are using their own vehicle.


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