What to do if a Borrower returns your car messy

Short answer:

If a Borrower returns your car messy or dirty, take some photos and report it to us through the Help Centre. We'll follow up with the Borrower and compensate you for the hassle and cleaning costs.

You are entitled to expect that Borrowers will return your car clean and tidy, in the state in which they would expect to pick it up.

If a Borrower brings your car back messy, please contact them in the first instance to ask if they could clean it up. 

If you have no luck (or if it’s a really serious mess, or they have smoked in the car), please take a photo and report it to us through the Help Centre.

Report a messy car

We will:

  • contact the responsible Borrower
  • warn them (or if the case warrants, cancel their membership)
  • charge them for the reasonable costs of cleaning up the mess they left

You will be paid $15 for the hassle, as well as the reasonable cleaning costs.

"Reasonable costs" are generally up to $35 for a whole-car clean. If the cleaning is going to cost more than that, please check with us first.

You can:

  • clean the car yourself
  • use your preferred cleaner
  • find a mobile car cleaner in the Car care services section when logged in to our website

To leave feedback on the borrower, or prevent them from booking your car in future, leave a review.

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