Nominate a back-up contact

You need to be contactable at all times during bookings, in case we or a Borrower need to get in touch with you. To be sure we can reach someone immediately if necessary, you need to nominate a back-up contact we can get in touch with if you aren't available.

You can do this through your car's profile in the members' site - head to Cars > Manage car > Edit profile > Preferences. Under the 'Back-up contact' section, enter the name, phone and email address of someone who could help out during a booking and click 'Save'.


How to make your back-up contact the primary contact

If you won’t be available for a certain time period (for example if you're on holidays or uncontactable for a few hours), log in to the members’ site and go to Cars > Manage car > Edit profile > Preferences. Tick 'Call back-up contact first' under the 'Back-up contact' section and click 'Save'. Your back-up contact will then be the first port of call for us or Borrowers as long as this option is selected. Remember to switch it back when you are available. 

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