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Choose Instant Keys for contactless key exchange and we'll provide you with a secure lockbox. It's kept either on the outside of the car or attached to a wall, fence or door nearby. Borrowers get a code to open the lockbox and get the keys, and return the keys to lockbox after their booking.

With Key Handover you meet the borrower to exchange the keys in person.

For the best experience, choose Instant Keys.

Instant Keys - lockbox

The lockbox has a keypad on the front and Borrowers receive a unique one-time-use code 15 minutes before their booking begins. They enter the code to open the lockbox and put the keys back once they've parked and locked the car at the end of the booking.

Owners can generate a code to open their lockbox at any time.

Key Handover

When someone books your car, you'll receive their contact details and they'll receive yours. You'll need to get in touch with the Borrower to arrange to meet them at the start of the booking and give them the keys. At the end of the booking, you'll meet them again to collect the keys.

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