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Removing the stickers from your car won't damage the paintwork if you do it carefully, and it's pretty simple to do yourself. You'll need a few household items to get the job done.


If you remove the stickers from your car without following these instructions carefully, we won't be responsible for any damage to the paintwork that may occur.

What you'll need

  • White spirit or mineral turpentine/turps (these are the same thing and are the main component of more expensive options such as bug and tar remover which you can also use)
  • Regular household detergent
  • A razor blade, ideally in a scraper handle (This is only to be used for removing stickers from windows NOT metal panels)
  • A couple of clean rags
  • A hair dryer OR a thermos of hot water

Removing stickers from metal panels

    1. Wash the area around the sticker with soapy water. This helps soften the adhesive. Keep the bucket with soapy water because you will need it again. You can also use a spray bottle with water and detergent in it.
    2. Heat the sticker using the hair dryer or pour hot water from the themos over the sticker. Getting the sticker hot makes it much easier to remove. You can also leave the car in the sun on a hot day before trying to remove the stickers.
    3. Once the sticker is hot, use your fingernail to get under the edge of the sticker and start peeling it off from a corner. DO NOT use a metal implement or razor for removal on metal parts of the car.
    4. Once you have a corner coming off be sure to pull the sticker sideways, in a direction parallel to the surface of the car. DO NOT pull the sticker directly away from the car as this places more stress on the paint surface.
    5. Once you have removed the sticker, use a clean rag and turps to remove any dissolve and remove any remaining adhesive. You may need to reapply turps to the rag if there is a lot of adhesive to remove.
    6. Wash the area thoroughly with soapy water to remove the turpentine residue.

Removing stickers from glass windows

  1. Wash the area around the sticker with soapy water to soften the adhesive
  2. Push a razor blade under the edge of the sticker to peel it off
  3. Follow steps 5 and 6 above to remove any remaining adhesive
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