The 7 Simple Rules of Borrowing your neighbour's car

Check for damage

At the beginning and end of each booking, take and upload photos of all sides of the car and the interior. This protects you from damage liability.

If you find a dirty car or with low fuel, take a photo and send it to

Know your car

Every Car Next Door is different. Check the Owner’s trip instructions and parking instructions in the app before you drive.

Keep it clean

Return the car clean, ready for the next driver:

  • Take all your stuff and rubbish with you
  • Shake out the floor mats and brush off the seats, or swing by the nearest car wash for a quick vacuum
  • Never smoke in a car – even with the windows down or doors open
  • Only take your pets if the car is marked as pet-friendly (use a carrier and clean up after them so there’s no hair or pawprints left).

Fill ‘er up

Leave the car with at least a quarter tank of fuel. If the gauge drops below a quarter while you’re driving, fill ‘er up. You won’t pay for it – fuel is included in the distance charge. Just pay yourself and upload a photo of your receipt for reimbursement.

Return (or extend) on time

Avoid late fees: return the car on time, or use the app to extend your booking before it’s scheduled to end.

Lock and leave

Take photos of all sides of the car and the interior, to protect yourself from damage liability. Check that the lights are off, windows up and doors locked, then pop the key safely back in the lockbox (or return them to the owner, for Key Handover cars).

Check the parking signs before you leave: make sure you’ve parked in a legal, unrestricted space following the Owner’s instructions.

Understand your insurance coverage

You’re covered under our comprehensive insurance policy, but there are a few things the insurance won’t cover, such as:

  • Towing
  • Driving offroad or to the snow
  • Driving more than 500 km from the car’s homezone without permission from the owner and Car Next Door
  • Letting a non-member drive - if you want to share the driving with a friend, get them to join Car Next Door (it’s fast and free)

View the full list of insurance exclusions

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