The 6 Simple Rules of Borrowing your neighbour's car

Just do the basics right and treat it like it’s your own car, and you won’t have any problems.

1: Take photos before and after you drive

At the beginning and end of each booking, you must take photos of all sides of the vehicle and the vehicle's interior and upload them through the app or website. This is to protect you in the case of a future damage dispute.

If you find significant damage, a dirty car or low fuel, take a photo of it and let us know before you drive by:

2: Know your car

Every Car Next Door is different. Check the special usage instructions and parking instructions at the start of each trip. They’re in the “Trips” tab in the app or mobile site.

3: Keep it clean

Take your stuff with you when you go, dispose of any rubbish, and leave the car clean and tidy.

 No smoking!

Never smoke in a car – even with the windows down or doors open. The penalty for smoking in cars is a fine, cleaning fee and instant banning from Car Next Door.

4: Fill ‘er up

Always leave at least a quarter tank full. If the fuel gauge drops below a quarter while you’re driving, fill ‘er up. You won’t pay for it – just use the fuel card inside the car.

5: Return (or extend) on time

Avoid late fees by returning the car on time, or using the app or mobile site to extend your booking if you’re running late.

6: Lock and leave

Check that the lights are off, windows up and doors locked, then pop the key safely back in Fred (and lock him too). Take photos of all sides of the car and the interior and upload them through the app or website before you leave.

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