What to do if you find a car with low fuel

Short answer:

If you find a car with less than 1/4 tank of fuel (or an electric vehicle with low charge), take a photo of the fuel gauge and report it us through the Help Centre. We'll fine the member who used the car before you, and compensate you for the inconvenience.

Gosh! We're sorry. We rely on our members to play by the rules and help each other out by making sure at least a quarter of a tank of fuel is always in the car.

If you jump in and find yourself having to rush to the nearest petrol station to keep the car moving, take a photo of the fuel gauge and report it us through the Help Centre so that we can get in contact with the member that used the car before you.

We'll fine them and compensate you as set out in the Fee Schedule.

Report a car with low fuel

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  • So, I added fuel. I only bought $25 worth, so the gauge read just above 1/4 full when I returned the vehicle.
    I would prefer to add more, but it's first time I used this service, so prefer to see of the fuel credit system works.
    How full would you suggest I leave the tank? Although it's not stated anywhere, just above 1/4 full seems to be implied by the various instructions.
    I'd rather have it almost full!

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