Owning a shared car - your responsibilities

To create a strong peer-to-peer car sharing organisation, we rely on everyone playing their part.

As an owner of a shared car, you agree to:

  • keep the car well maintained, roadworthy and safe for fellow community members;
  • keep the car reasonably clean, so that it is a pleasure for your borrowers to drive (knowing that your Borrowers are expected to do the same); and 
  • keep an eye on the car regularly and report any new damage, fines or other issues to us as soon as possible, so that we can help to resolve them quickly.

Spare keys

It's really helpful to have a spare key for your car. It's best to keep the spare key in the lockbox for borrowers to use, and use the main key when you need your car yourself. You can get spare keys made fairly cheaply at some locksmiths (it doesn't need to have a remote).

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