One of the best parts of Car Next Door is that you’ve essentially turned your one car into a whole fleet of cars.

Need a 4WD to go skiing for the weekend? A ute to move house? A mini-van to haul around the visiting in-laws? Or a luxury car for a weekend away?

Now you have access to all of those cars. And while you’re using one of those, your car could be making you money.

How to book a car

If a Borrower has booked your car and you realise that you need to drive, jump on to the app or website and search for available cars near you.

You won’t pay a booking fee; but you will pay the usual time and distance rates for any cars you book.

It’s easy to book cars - just search online and book the one you want.

The site or app switches to Trip Mode 15 minutes before your booking, and gives you step-by-step instructions to guide you through your trip.  

Make sure to have your phone with you, and charged!


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