How do tolls get charged to the right person?

Short answer:

We install a toll tag in all Car Next Door cars. Our billing system automatically works out who was the driving the car at the time the toll was incurred and charges the right person – whether that's the owner or the borrower.

When a car is listed on the Car Next Door platform, we install a new tolling device in the car, and the car owner removes any existing toll device.

This device can be used on any toll road in Australia.

Our booking system automatically works out who was driving when each toll was incurred, and charges the right person (with no nasty surcharges!)

Borrowers' tolls

If you drive on any toll roads during your trip in someone else's car, the amount of the toll will be charged to your credit card a few days after the end of the month.

This means you'll see your tolls charged each month as a separate amount to your individual trip payments, and in the month after the toll was incurred.

Owners' tolls

If you incur tolls while driving your own car, these will be added to your monthly invoice and offset against your earnings. 

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