How do tolls get charged to the right person?

Short answer:

All Car Next Door cars can be driven on any toll road in Australia. For Instant Keys cars, tolls are automatically charged to the right person. For Key Handover cars, owners manually report any tolls incurred and these are then charged to right borrower.

How Borrowers pay for their tolls

If you drive on any toll roads during your trip, the toll will be charged to Car Next Door or to the car's owner. Our system will automatically work out that you had the car at the time and charge the toll to you.

We get toll statements at the end of each month, so we'll pass the toll charge on to you a few days later.

This means you'll see your tolls charged each month as a separate amount to your trip costs. This charge may come through several weeks after your trip. 


  • You do not need to call the toll company to pay for tolls - it's all done through your Car Next Door account.
  • You should not buy a toll pass for your trip - you will just be paying twice.

There is no toll tag in the car/the toll tag didn't beep

All of the vehicles on Car Next Door should have toll tags in them. If you suspect the car you have borrowed doesn't have one, let us know.

If you pass through a toll point and the tag doesn't beep, please let us know as the tag may need replacing or repositioning.

Even if the tag is missing or doesn't beep, the tolls will still be charged to our account, so no need to worry.

How owners pay for tolls when driving their own car

Instant Keys - We install a toll tag in your car when you first start renting your car out. If you incur any tolls while driving your own car, these will be charged to our toll tag, added to your monthly invoice and offset against your earnings. If you have a toll tag in your car when our installer comes, we'll replace it with our toll tag. We'll put your old toll tag in a foil pouch and leave it in the car - usually in your glovebox. Take it out and store it securely.

Key Handover - You keep your own toll account so pay for your own tolls through that as usual.

If your toll tag doesn't beep (Instant Keys only)

Tolls will still be processed even if the tag doesn't beep, but it's best to have a functioning toll tag in your car. If you or your borrowers notice that the toll tag in your car doesn't beep when passing through a toll point, it may be because your car has a metallic windscreen that's blocking the signal. Check your car's manual to see if there's a position on your windscreen where you can place the toll tag and the signal won't be blocked. If you can't find it, or the toll tag still doesn't beep, please let us know so we can help you out or replace the toll tag.

How much will the toll cost?

Tolls are charged by the toll road providers and vary depending on which road you drive on and how far you drive. We don't add any admin fees onto the toll, so you will only pay the amount charged by the toll provider.

What to do if you think that a toll was wrongly charged to you

If you believe a toll has been allocated to you by mistake, please email and we will investigate further.

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