What happens to my current comprehensive insurance and no claim bonus?

Note: This information is only relevant to Owners on our Instant Keys Plus+ or legacy $60/month plans. Owners on our Key Handover plan or Instant Keys plan can keep their own insurance to cover their car when it’s not with a Borrower.

Your current insurance

If you're on our Instant Keys Plus+ (or legacy $60/month) plan, you can cancel your current comprehensive insurance, as your car will be covered under our fleet insurance policy. No need to pay twice!

If you've already paid upfront for your comprehensive insurance, your insurer is obliged to refund you the pro-rata amount left on your policy. This can be done through a simple phone call request to your insurer.

We'll let you know what date to cancel your current policy as part of the steps to setting up your car for sharing.

No claims bonus

If you decide to stop renting your car out, then we’re happy to give you a “personal claims history” document that shows that you have not personally had any at-fault claims during your time with us (providing you haven’t!). In our experience, insurers have been happy to honour this and allow you to pick up where you left off.

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