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When you rent your car out through Car Next Door, it’s covered under our comprehensive fleet insurance policy whenever it’s with a Borrower. If you’re on our Instant Keys plan, you and up to 5 Additional Drivers are also covered by our policy, so you can cancel your existing insurance.

Your car’s coverage under our fleet insurance policy includes coverage for:

  • damage
  • theft
  • third party loss
  • hail, flood and fire

If your car is damaged or lost while covered by our insurance, we’ll investigate to determine who is responsible, manage the claim with the insurer and organise the repairs. Like other comprehensive insurance policies, our insurance doesn't cover general wear and tear. 

Key Handover cars

Cars on our Key Handover plan are covered under our comprehensive insurance policy whenever  they’re with a Borrower. You’ll need to keep your own insurance to cover your car at all other times.

Will sharing my car impact my current insurance?
Every insurer has its own policies, so you'll need to contact them and check your PDS to see if sharing your car will impact on your current insurance. Contact us for a list of insurers who have confirmed that they're happy for their customers to share their car with Car Next Door.

More detail

Your car's coverage under our insurance policy is set out in the:

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