Can I say that only drivers over a certain age can use my car?

Yes. Members must be over 21 in any case, but you can set the youngest age of drivers allowed to drive your vehicle at a higher level if you wish.

To maximise bookings, we suggest that you set the age of the youngest borrower at 21 or 25. It’s up to you though to decide what you are comfortable with. 

P plater drivers are not permitted to borrow other peoples cars and are unable to become borrowers on Car Next Door. 

To set the minimum driver age, just log in to your car's profile and scroll down to the "Minimum borrower age and additional drivers" section.


Age and CTP (aka Greenslips) Insurance 

In some States you must purchase CTP separately to your registration and comprehensive insurance, and in others it is included as a part of your registration. Find out if you need your own CTP Insurance.

Once you've found out, it's also important to be aware that your CTP can change if you have a lower minimum driver age.



The nominated age of your youngest driver does not affect the cost of registering your vehicle or the TAC charge you need to pay.


NSW and QLD 

There are seven licensed CTP insurers in NSW. The price they charge depends on lots of factors, such as your crash record, your age, the kind of ride you drive and other stuff. Start your search at the NSW Gov site Greenslips to check your prices. 

Lowering the age of the youngest driver may affect your CTP premium when you next renew your CTP insurance. In nearly all cases, reducing the “Youngest Driver Age” part way through your current CTP policy period will not affect your premium until you next renew your CTP insurance. It will usually not affect the premium you pay for your current CTP insurance period.

To maximise your bookings, you can change the “Youngest Driver Age” with your CTP insurer to 21  for now. Then when you next renew your CTP insurance, you can increase the age if you choose.


Important to note

If you are planning to lower your minimum drivers age, it is important to ensure you have updated these details in your CTP.

If a CTP claim is required and the driver is under the age you've declared, then the CTP insurer may charge an excess of between $300 - $2,000.


Why you may want to lower your driver age

Cost vs income

Deciding which age groups you will allow to borrow your car is a balance between the additional CTP premium costs, and the revenue you may forego if you do not let younger Borrowers drive your cars. 


Age Bracket  Percentage of bookings made by Borrowers in this age bracket on average 
21 - 24 5% 
25 - 27 18%
28 and over 77%


How to calculate the cost difference

NSW: The Official NSW Government Greenslips Cost Comparison site: lets you calculate the difference in CTP premium for making your car available to younger drivers. To help you use the tool, enter the following responses:

  • Q5. If the vehicle is registered in your name, then choose "individual"
  • Q6. List Vehicle Use as "Private"
  • Q7. Unless you are personally registered for GST then say "No"
  • Q11 & 12. List "Other Insurance" as "Comprehensive" with "Other" insurer
  • Q14. Set "Maximum No Claim Discount" to "Yes"
  • Q18, 19 & 20. It’s impossible for you to know these details for your borrowers, so answer these questions for yourself and any other household members who regularly use your car.

NSW only: how to change the age of your youngest driver with your CTP insurer

• Have your current CTP policy at hand. You will need the policy number.
• Call your CTP insurer
• Advise them that the age of the youngest driver is now 21, 25 or 28 (whichever you have chosen). They may ask you for specific birthdates: just give them the age and say that you don’t know who the driver is yet so you can't give exact age.

> Typically you won’t be charged any extra until you next renew your green slip. Confirm this with your CTP insurer.


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  • Why not lower the minimum age for drivers? I think this would be another great way to set yourself apart from traditional car hire companies. There's a lot of young people like myself who really struggle with finding a car rental.

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