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You choose your car's hourly and daily rates, and set different rates for peak times. The rates page in your car profile will suggest recommended rates for your car, but you may like to experiment with setting them higher or lower to see how that affects your bookings and income.

Your car's rates can be between $4 and $100 an hour, and between $20 and $500 a day. You can change your rates at any time through the website or app.

Pricing tips

Starting with a competitive hourly and daily rate will help your car gain momentum with bookings in the first six months. You can experiment with increasing it later if you are finding your car is in high demand.

Checking out your competition is a good way to get an idea of going rates in your area. Head to our search page and see what other cars are listed on Car Next Door near you. If there are cars similar to yours, see if you can match or beat their prices, especially when you're first starting out.

We recommended erring on the side of lower pricing. A slight increase in rates does not make a significant difference to your total earnings - but getting bookings in the first place certainly does!

It's worth experimenting with setting peak rates and offering discounts for multi-day bookings. Cars are in high demand on weekends and during holiday periods, so you can charge a bit more at these times.

All trips are billed at the rates that were in force at the time the booking was made. So if a Borrower books a trip and then you change the rates, this won't affect the pricing for their trip.

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