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Payments are processed early each month for the previous month (so your April income will be paid to you in May). Your car's income will be paid into your bank account each month.

 You must verify your account to be paid

You’ll need to verify your account before we can pay you your car’s income. This takes a few minutes and you only need to do it once.

Your invoice

You'll get an invoice each month detailing the income and charges on your Car Next Door account. 

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Your invoice will show:
  • your share of the time and distance income from all the bookings that ended in the previous month;
  • less your monthly fee, any fuel charges and your own tolls for the month.

When you'll be paid

Your invoice for the previous month will generally be sent out between the 3rd-10th of each month. You will receive an email notification when your invoice is available to view.

If you are in credit, we will pay money into your nominated bank account within two business days. If you are in debit, we'll charge your credit card.

Go to your account page where you can see your running balance and download monthly invoices.

A trip's billing is 'Pending' 

Most trips are automatically billed within 24-48 hours but occasionally we need to manually check the billing for a trip. In these cases the trip's billing will show as 'Pending' on your bookings page until the billing is finalised. All trips will be billed before we pay your monthly income.

Bookings that start in one month and finish in the next

If a booking is in progress over the end of the month, you'll get all of the income for that trip in the following month.

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