Short answer:

If you're interested in renting out your car, fill out an application to list your car and we'll be in touch soon!

You want to rent out your car? Great! We need to send an installer out to set up your car. Let's check that we have all the details we need.

  • Have you applied to list your car?
  • Is your car eligible?
  • Do you have the basic info we need like your car's profile, parking location and rego?

We'll give you a call

  • Once we receive your application, we'll give you a call to answer any questions you have
  • If you're keen to go ahead with renting out your car, we'll book in a time for one of our installers to come and get your car set up for sharing

Installation and listing

  • Our installer will come out on a weekday to fit the GPS tracker, lockbox and toll device.
  • You don't need to be home for the installation that day if you're able to leave a key somewhere secret.
  • Once your car has been successfully installed your insurance will kick in. You will receive an email to notify you to cancel your existing insurance.
  • Your car will be listed and available for Borrowers within one business day of your install, provided you have completed your car's public profile.

How to apply to list your car

Apply to share your car

  • There is no commitment - it just ensures we have all the info in one place.
  • It should take less than five minutes to complete.
  • We’ll get back to you shortly after to answer any questions, book in a date for installation and put your car to work.
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