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Unfortunately, the majority of Car Next Door cars cannot be parked in the signed "car share vehicle only" car spaces that you may see around the streets.

Those car spaces have been installed by Council, usually in return for payment, by agreement with a corporate car-share company (e.g. GoGet or GreenShareCar). They are specifically assigned to that car share operator, and are for use by a particular car in their fleet.

Cars that have a dedicated "Authorised Car Share Vehicle" parking space

A small number of cars belonging to Car Next Door have been allocated "Authorised Car Share Vehicle" spaces in the City of Sydney.

If the parking instructions for the car you're driving state that it belongs in a car share parking space, then:

  • You must park the car in its designated car share parking space (as specified in the parking instructions) when returning it at the end of your trip.
  • You may not park the car in any other parking space, even if it is marked as a 'car share' parking space. Each parking space is assigned to a specific car.

The sign for the car space will normally be labelled 'Authorised Car Share Vehicles Excepted - Zone CND'. Occasionally you may see Bay numbers listed instead - park in the Bay mentioned in the parking instructions. These spaces are sometimes located next to dedicated parking spaces for other car share schemes, so it's important to return the car to the correct parking space. If you park in another car share space, you could get a fine.

What to do if another car is parked in the car share parking space

If another car is occupying the car's dedicated space when you are returning the car, then:

  1. Take a picture of the offending car, showing its number plate and the signs indicating the CND allocated parking spot.
  2. Park in the nearest free, untimed parking space. If you cannot find one, park in a space marked 'Permit Holder Exempt'. 
  3. Email us on with the photo of the offending car showing its number plate and let us know that you parked nearby because the Car Next Door space was taken.

NOTE: you will be liable for any parking fines if you do not follow all of these instructions.

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