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You'll receive an invoice each month by email. You can also view all your invoices and recent transactions through the website on the Account page.

Accessing your invoice

Your invoice for the previous month will be sent out between the 3rd-10th of each month. You will receive an email notification when your invoice is available to view.

If you have been charged an amount and want to check what it was for, you can access your monthly invoice history at any time by logging in to view your account.

Note: invoices can only be viewed through the website (not app).



Unfortunately, we are unable to generate invoices for individual trips.

Checking recent charges before your invoice is released

Invoices are sent once a month, but you can view a list of your recent transactions by logging in to the website and choosing 'Account' from the menu. Scroll down to the 'Past transactions' section to see a list of your transactions since your last invoice.


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  • Hi I can't find my invoice. I also noticed I was charged about $50 more than the quote given to me when I booked. Not too happy. Fiona

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  • I did not even use the car!! How am I charge $200??

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  • I've asked numerous time to take me off this platform. Please just remove me. Thanks

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  • Cancelling my account due to constantly being overcharged for cars we book. Called Car Next Door and received terrible customer service from someone called Roman who was rude and unhelpful to deal with. I shall be taking this matter to consumer affairs as they have overcharged me by $800 for cars booked in May.

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