Updating your credit card, debit card or bank details

Short answer:

You update your credit card details through the website or app. You can only update your bank account details through the website.

Updating your credit or debit card details

  1. Log in and go to Menu > Account > Payment & payout preferences in the website or Menu > Profile in the app
  2. Enter your new card details
  3. Click 'Update card' in the website or 'Save' in the app

Updating bank details (Owners only)

It's important we have your current bank details so we can pay you your earnings each month.

Note: bank details can only be updated through the website (not app).

  1. Log in to the website and go to Menu > Account > Payment & payout preferences
  2. In the 'Bank Details' section enter your new bank account details
  3. Click 'Save'
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