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To get the approximate location before your trip starts, select the trip from the Trips page in the app. The car's ideal parking address is shown so you can head to the right area.
15 minutes before your trip starts, select 'Start Pickup' on the Trip page. You'll see step-by-step instructions on picking up the car, including the current location.

Finding an Instant Keys car

If you need to leave home more than 15 minutes before the trip starts, go to the Trips page in the app, and select the trip to view the car's ideal address. This may not be exactly where the car is, but it will get you close. 

15 minutes before your trip starts, the 'Start pickup' button will be available on the Trip page. Follow the pickup steps in order - sometimes you may need to locate the lockbox on the owner's property, before locating the car.

approx_address.png   start_pickup.png


Look closely at the pin on the map to get the car’s accurate location. The street address you see is the one that Google Maps believes is closest to the car. The car may actually be in a side street or laneway on the other side of the block.

Note: The car may not be exactly where you saw it on our search page when you first booked your trip. Each car has a 'homezone', which is a 500 metre radius around its home address. Borrowers can return the car to anywhere within this homezone. That's why it's important to check your trip instructions to get the car's current location.

If you have trouble finding a car: don’t wander the streets! Call us and we'll help you out.

Finding a Key Handover car

Select 'Pick up car' in the app. You'll find the owners contact details - get in touch to arrange to meet up, collect the keys and pick up the car.

Can I get the car delivered to me?

No, you'll need to follow the instructions above to find the car and pick it up from its home. If the car is a little way away from you, you might consider getting public transport or riding your bike to the car.

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