Your insurance cover when you borrow cars

Short answer:

When you borrow cars with Car Next Door, you’re covered by our comprehensive insurance policy. If you’re responsible for damage, the most you’ll need to pay is your Damage Cover Liability (DCL) amount - subject to some common-sense insurance exclusions.

If you’re responsible for any damage to a car you borrow, you’ll need to pay for loss and damage up to the amount of your Damage Cover Liability (DCL). The DCL works like an insurance excess, capping the amount you’ll need to pay if you are responsible for damage.

As with all insurance policies, there are some exclusions to the cover. These include driving off-road or to the snow, towing, and letting people who aren't approved Car Next Door members drive the car.

Protecting yourself against damage costs

Accidents can happen to even the most careful drivers, and you’re responsible for any damage that happens to the car while you have it, including things like the car being sideswiped while parked or damaged in a hail storm.

To reduce your risk it's a good idea to:

  • Reduce your DCL amount to $500
  • Always take clear photos of every surface and the interior of the car before you drive AND when you end your trip, and upload them through the app or website. These photos protect you from being held responsible for damage that didn't happen during your trip.


If damage is discovered after your trip and you can't provide us with photos showing it did not occur during your trip, you may be liable and responsible for the cost of repairs, up to your DCL.

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