Can I share the driving? Can other people drive a car booked under my account?

Short answer:

You can share the driving, but only if the other driver is a Car Next Door member - non-members are not covered by our insurance.

If you want to share the driving, your friend can join for free. Once they are a member, they are able to drive: it doesn't matter whether the booking is in your name or theirs.

Only approved Car Next Door members are insured to drive any of the Car Next Door vehicles.

You must never allow another person to book under your borrower member account unless they are a Car Next Door member. If you do, you will be liable for any damage, costs or liability that they may incur.

If you have a friend or partner that you'd like to share the driving with, then simply get them to join for free. Then they can drive the car, even though the trip is booked under your name.

If a car is booked using your member account, then in the event of damage or an at-fault accident:

  • you are responsible for the Damage Cover Liability (DCL) amount regardless of who is driving, and
  • the DCL amount will be based on your Rate Plan.

For example: Bert is a Heavyweight member and therefore has a permanent DCL reduction of $500 for all trips taken for $19/month. His wife, Margaret, is a Featherweight member, as she only drives occasionally, and her DCL is $2,000. They go on a long trip together, booked under Bert's Member ID and have a minor prang when Margaret is driving where she is at fault. Bert is liable for the DCL, which is only $500.

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