How we're different from other car-sharing services

Already a car sharer? Here are 4 reasons to join our car-sharing marketplace:

Free membership and no joining fee

If you're already a member of another car-sharing service, you won't want to pay twice. The good news is that joining with us is free and there are no monthly fees.

We have no tricky contracts or minimum contract terms. If it’s not for you, just let us know and we'll go our separate ways.

Low-cost local mobility

We’re way better value than the other similar services. That’s because by not having to maintain our own expensive fleet, in many cases renting our cars is around 20-40% cheaper than other car-sharing services. Our prices start at $5/hr or $25/day+ distance charges. So you can get your errands done around town for around $40 or $50, rather than shelling out closer to $100 to hire a traditional car share car for the day.

Cars (really) next door

Car Next Door cars live where you live – down the road, across the street, maybe even in your apartment building. They're real people's cars, and so they come with real-people parking spots – convenient!

Helping your community

Why not help your community instead of a company? Instead of passing your money off to a corporation, when you pay for a Car Next Door car, the lion's share of that money goes to one of your neighbours. So you’re investing in your community and helping out local people, while saving money AND being green by helping keep extra cars off the road. 

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