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Each car has specific parking instructions which you'll find in the app during your trip. Make sure you follow these instructions carefully. If you can't find a park within the homezone, let us know.


Don't just drop the car back where you found it, as the last Borrower may have parked in the wrong spot. Make sure you check the parking signs and leave the car in an unrestricted zone.

Parking within the homezone

If the car has on-street parking, then you can park anywhere within 500m of the car's ideal park. This is termed the car's 'homezone'. You'll find details of the car's ideal park in the trip instructions in the app.

You don't need to tell us or the owner exactly where you have returned the car within this homezone. The GPS tracker will let the Owner or next Borrower locate it. If you're borrowing a Key Handover car, you can let the Owner know where you parked when you meet them to return the keys.

If you’re having trouble finding a parking spot to return the car, park as close as you can to the ideal park for this car. If this is more than 500m from the ideal park, let us and the Owner know. You should also give the Owner a heads-up if you think that it's tricky to park their car, so that they can try to work out a solution.

How to avoid parking fines

You must park in a spot that is unrestricted for the car (eg not in a '2 hour parking' zone or a resident's only parking zone, unless you are sure the car has a permit for that zone).


If you park the car in a place where it gets a parking fine, then you will be responsible for paying the fine, even if the fine is issued after the end of your trip.

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