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If you need to fill up during a trip, pay for fuel yourself and ask for a tax invoice. Upload a clear photo of the tax invoice through the app. This amount will be credited towards the final cost of your trip and any extra will be refunded.


You must return the car with at least 1/4 of a tank of fuel. If it is left with less, there is a fee applicable (see Inconvenience and admin fees.)

Electric vehicles must be left plugged in at the end of each trip.

Getting fuel instructions

Make sure you check what type of fuel the car takes before filling up. You'll find this information in your trip instructions in the app during your trip.

  1. Select your trip in the app
  2. Tap 'Refuel'
  3. Note what kind of fuel the car takes
  4. Fill up and pay using your own money
  5. Ask for a tax invoice - make sure it details:
  • type of fuel purchased
  • how many litres you purchased
  • cost per litre
  • how much you paid in total
  • time and date of purchase
  • the name and ABN of the petrol station

Submitting a tax invoice for reimbursement

  1. Tap 'Refuel' in the app
  2. Tap 'Add receipt'
  3. Tap 'Add photo' to take or upload a photo of the tax invoice - make sure the entire invoice is clear and readable in the photo
  4. Enter the total cost of the fuel and the number of litres purchased - you can see this information on the tax invoice
  5. Tap 'Upload receipt'

You can also upload the tax invoice after your trip through the app or website, but you must do so within 3 months of the date of purchase.

We'll credit the amount you spent on fuel towards the final cost for this trip. If you spent more on fuel than the final trip cost, we'll refund the balance to your Car Next Door account. It will then be refunded to your card within a few days, or you can withdraw it back to your credit or debit card anytime.

If you didn't get a tax invoice or have lost or damaged the tax invoice, you can contact the petrol and ask them to reprint it or email you a copy.

Always check if the car takes petrol or diesel before filling up!

Make sure you check the kind of fuel the owner has specified should go into the car. If the car takes unleaded petrol, the instructions will also specify whether you should use 91 (regular), or 95 or 98 (premium).

 Put the wrong fuel in the car?

If you've put petrol in a diesel car or vice-versa, don't start the car. If you already have, stop driving and switch off the engine ASAP. Read these instructions for what to do next.

What about Electric Vehicles?

The same process applies to recharging an electric vehicle - if you paid to recharge, just submit your tax invoice for reimbursement via the app. 

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  • In my opinion, this is a terrible initiative. One of the key reasons of me using CND was the ease and availability of the fuel cards & that it is already paid for in the kms run by the vehicle. Now that, fuel has to be paid upfront and a receipt uploaded & having to wait for the money to get refunded, is an addition of an extra layer & in my opinion just making the whole process a lot longer!

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  • I agree with @Mishel. This is a terrible idea and probably the only reasons I will not be using Car Next Door anymore. If I spent more on fuel I would not want this in my CND account either, I would want my outstanding money back not locked into CND.

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  • Also, having gone through this process before because a fuel card was not working I know how tedious this is. Bad idea.

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  • We've improved the fuel refund process to make it quick and easy to upload a photo of your receipt in the app, and quicker for our team to review and approve refunds. You won't be out of pocket because the amount you spend on fuel will be deducted from your distance cost before we charge you. If the fuel costs more than your trip, you can withdraw the extra back to your card - you don't have to leave it in your Car Next Door account. If you're keeping track of how far you've driven, you can also choose to only fill up with as much as you think your trip will cost so there isn't any extra for us to refund to you.

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  • The new fuel system works well for me. I think it's a good initiative. Don't have to fill up every time either, just sometimes and just small amounts. Worth the small inconvenience in my opinion. You're getting someone elses car, there's gotta be some processes involved. Keep up the good work CND.

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  • Rubbish system. Reliant on receipts not getting lost and once again elitist to assume people have surplus funds sitting around in their accounts especially if you just want to borrow a car for an hour. The whole point of difference with CND is supposedly the community minded element and the convenience- agree with others that it’d be much more considerate of peoples time *and money to provide a fuel card.

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  • Hi Aram, we tried providing fuel cards for many years, but members frequently lost them or forgot to put them back in the car, or got the PIN wrong enough times that the card was blocked. It also took weeks for replacement cards to be issued, so that many cars were left without a fuel card for long periods. This system allows us to credit most fuel refunds in under 24 hours, which seems to suit most members much better.

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  • Hi,

    I have uploaded a tax invoice fuel receipt several times now.

    It details place, date of fuel purchase, total amount of litres and cost.

    It doesn’t detail the type of fuel, as this is simply not on the tax invoice that was made available to me.

    I continuously am getting the tax invoice declined and getting an auto response saying I need to provide a clear tax invoice detailing x, y and z, however I have already done this to the best of my ability.

    I need an actual person to contact me regarding this as I am currently out of pocket and it doesn’t look like I will be refunded for fuel I had to purchase for a near empty tank.


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  • If you borrow a car for an hour to go maybe 5km and have to spend a quarter of that time filling up with petrol it is a major hit to your time. Reasonably there should be a time incentive to fill up as well of 15 minutes. Every time I've hired it's been less than a quarter of a tank and when I'm only using basically a litre of fuel it seems unreasonable that I also lose a big chunk of time. And why don't the owners get off their butts and check water etc..?

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  • Hi Davy, that's really frustrating that you regularly find cars with low fuel as we do ask all members to leave the cars with at least a quarter of a tank. I'm sorry that hasn't happened for you. If you find a car with low fuel, you can report it through the Help Centre (just hit 'Get help' at the top of this page) and we'll compensate you for the hassle in line with our fee schedule -

    It's the Owner's responsibility to keep the car maintained, but they may not be able to check the car after every trip to make sure it's fuelled up. That's why we ask everyone to make sure the cars are left with a quarter of a tank. If you're ever concerned about the safety or roadworthiness of a car you've borrowered, let us know so we can make sure the Owner attends to it ASAP and make the car unavailable until they do.

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  • It's happened on EVERY single trip I have done with Car Next Door.

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  • Hi Amelia, I'm sorry for the frustration and hassle you've had with your fuel refund. We do our best to communicate the requirement for a full tax invoice in the app and our communications, but if there is anywhere we could have made this clearer please let us know as we want to make it as smooth as possible to use Car Next Door. We stopped using fuel cards as we had many issues with them going missing or not working.

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