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For Instant Keys cars: There is a fuel card included in all Instant Keys cars. It's usually attached to a large plastic paddle to make it easy to find - check the glove box and centre console. If you need to fill up during your booking, pay using this fuel card. You will need to take the fuel card and your photo ID to the counter. 

For Key Handover cars: Pay for fuel yourself and email a clear photo of the itemised receipt to or upload a photo through the app.

Paying for fuel with the fuel card (Instant Keys cars only)

When paying for fuel you'll need the PIN for the fuel card. You'll find this:

  • in the trip instructions in the website or app, when you have an active booking; and
  • in the email you receive 15 minutes before your booking starts. 

Always check if the car takes petrol or diesel before you fill up! 

Make sure you check the kind of fuel the owner has specified should go into the car. If the car takes unleaded petrol, the instructions will also specify whether you should use 91 (regular), or 95 or 98 (premium).

You should be able to find all types at most service stations, however if you can't find the exact fuel specified in the instructions it's okay to choose a fuel of a higher octane (for example use unleaded 95 instead of 91). Please don't choose a fuel of a lower octane, as this may damage the engine.

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For owners

If you're a car owner refuelling your own car, please pay using your own cash or card rather than the fuel card (even though you are paying for both), simply because we have a credit limit on the fuel cards.

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