I'm running late: how do I extend my booking?

Need more time? You can extend your booking (provided that another member has not already booked the vehicle), but you must do it before your booking ends.

To extend:

  1. Log in and go to Step 7: Extend booking in the website or hit 'Change trip' in the app
  2. Enter your new return time and click 'confirm changes'

Always extend if you are running late

To ensure that things run smoothly, it is important to return the car on time (if you're a car owner, this also applies when you are driving your own car).

If you realise you’re running late, you can extend your booking easily by logging in to our app or website.

In some cases, the Owner or another member will be waiting to use the car right after your reservation and it won’t be possible to extend your reservation. If you put someone out, they may have to catch a taxi or switch vehicles.

If you are late in returning a vehicle, and you have not extended your booking (including where you can not extend because another member has booked it), then a late fee will apply as set out in the Fee Schedule.

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