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To get the keys for an Instant Keys car, you need to find and open the lockbox. The app gives you all the instructions you need to do this, including the code to open the lockbox.

To get the keys for a Key Handover car, you need to meet the owner and pick them up. You'll find their contact information in the app, and in the confirmation emails and text messages you received when you booked.

 Need help now?

If you have a trip in progress and need help with the lockbox right now, please see these troubleshooting tips for help with common lockbox issues.

Finding the lockbox

The trip instructions in the app will tell you where the lockbox is. It will either be on the car's window, or attached to a wall, fence, door or water meter near the car.

If you're having trouble finding the lockbox, make sure you've carefully checked the lockbox location in the app. If you still can't find it, call the owner (you'll find their details in the app) and if you can't get in touch with them, give us a call.

Opening the lockbox

You need a code to open the lockbox. You can generate one through the app during your trip by hitting the 'Generate lockbox code' button. You'll need to agree to take and upload photos before driving to generate a code.

Entering the code

  1. To wake the lockbox, hold [ENT] until the keypad lights up or beeps.
  2. Input the code: you should hear a beep for every button you press.
  3. Press [ENT].
  4. The “Ready” light should flash green, and you should hear a beep and a whirring noise as the lockbox unlatches.
  5. If you enter the code incorrectly four times, then you will need to wait one minute before you can try again.

Getting the key and storing the lockbox

  1. Open the lockbox from the top (you have about 5 seconds before the hinge will relatch - if this happens just enter the code and [ENT] again)
  2. Take out the key, and then CLOSE the lockbox completely. If you leave it open, it will lock in an open position and you will need to generate a new code to close it again.
  3. If the lockbox is on the car's window take it off before you drive. Wind the window halfway down and lift the lockbox and its bracket off the window. Place the lockbox in the boot while you're driving – do not drive with the lockbox on the window.
  4. Keep the key with you for the whole duration of your trip and only return it to the lockbox once you have returned the car at the end of your trip.

Returning the key and lockbox at the end of your trip

  1. Generate a new code through the app then follow the same instructions for entering the code and opening the lockbox above. (You won't be able to generate a code if you are more than two hours late returning the car - you will need to call us to get the code.)
  2. Place the key inside the lockbox and close it completely. Check the lockbox is properly closed and can’t be pulled open.
  3. If the lockbox was on the car’s window, remember to put it back in place. Wind the window down halfway, place the lockbox and its bracket back over the window and wind the window back up so the lockbox is sitting securely.

Watch this video to see it all in action.

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