Paying for the cars you borrow

Short answer:

All payments are automatically managed by our billing system. We'll charge your credit or debit card in two parts. You pay for the time, booking fee and optional insurance upgrade when you book your trip. You pay for your distance after your trip ends, and for tolls as they occur.

Before you can book a trip, you'll need to enter the details of a valid Visa or Mastercard. We don't accept Amex or cash payments.

When you book a trip, the cost is broken down into a 'pay now' and 'pay later' amount.

Pay now

When you review the cost and confirm your booking, your card will be charged the 'pay now' amount. This covers:

  • time charge
  • booking fee
  • insurance upgrade (if you select it)
  • security deposit (for your first trip only)

Pay later

  • Tolls will be charged as they come through. Most tolls are charged within 48 hours, but they can take up to a month.
  • Distance charges are calculated after the trip is completed.

Distance charge

When you end your trip, we'll calculate how far you drove to determine the distance charge. We'll deduct this from the available balance in your Car Next Door account, or from your deposit if it's your first trip.

If the distance charge is less than your available balance and deposit, the balance will be refunded to your Car Next Door account. It will then be refunded to your card within a few days, or you can withdraw it back to your credit or debit card anytime. If it is more than your available balance and deposit, we'll charge the difference to your card.

For most trips, the distance charge will be charged the night after you have finished your trip, but on occasion it may take up to a week for the trip to be charged.


Tolls are billed as they're charged to us or the car's owner, which is generally within one day. For Key Handover trips, and in cases where a toll provider sends toll information to us later, billing will occur up to a month afterwards. This means you may be charged for tolls in the month following your trip. 

If you cancel your trip 

If you cancel before your trip starts, then the cancellation fees (if there are any) will be deducted from the pre-payment. Any amounts left over will be refunded to your Car Next Door account.

The remaining funds will be automatically refunded to you within a few days. You can speed this up by making a withdrawal via the website or the app.

If your trip ends up being shorter or longer than what you booked 

If you return the car early, you may still be charged for 'unused time': see "Cancellation policy and cancelled time or unused time charges". 

Any amounts left over will be credited to your Car Next Door account. These funds will be automatically refunded to you within a few days, or you can speed this up by making a withdrawal via the website or the app.

If you extend your trip, you will be charged for the extra time when you make the change - see "I'm running late - how do I extend my booking?

Viewing your trip cost breakdown

We will provide you with an itemised invoice at the end of each month. (See "Where can I view my invoice?")

If you don't want to wait for your monthly invoice, you can log in to the members' site at any time. Check the "Account" tab to see your list of recent transactions, or select the trip from the Trips page to see the full breakdown of the charges.

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  • I drove this van back from Albion Park to help the owner. NRMA recommended it stay for a service. I decided to help the owner and managed to drive it safely home. I had a personal text message from NRMA serviceman Michael asking if I arrived home safely. I think some kind of thanks should be acknowledged as I could have left the vehicle there and not returned it. I had a stressful return trip and could not contact the owner to help with this decision. The owner apologised as he was in transit ( so was I) and did not return any of my contact attempts. It would have cost a lot for him in services, towing, phone class etc if I left the van as recommended by NRMA- they said “it is your decision,I cannot say it is good to drive.”

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