Paying for the cars you borrow

Short answer:

All payments are automatically managed by our billing system. We'll charge your credit or debit card in two parts. You pay the hire costs (time, booking fee and damage cover) when you book your trip. Your driving costs (distance and tolls) are updated regularly and may be charged during or after your trip.

Before you can book a trip, you'll need to enter the details of a valid Visa or Mastercard. We don't accept Amex or cash payments.

When you book a trip, the cost is broken down into hire costs which you pay upfront and driving costs (which you pay later).

Hire costs

When you review the cost and confirm your booking, your card will be charged the 'Due now' amount. This covers:

  • time charge
  • booking fee
  • Basic Cover
  • Premium Cover upgrade (if selected)
  • deposit (for your first trip only)

Driving costs

Your driving costs are:

  • the per-kilometre distance fee
  • toll charges (if you drive on any toll roads)

Distance fee

For most trips, the distance will be charged the night after you have finished your trip, but on occasion it may take up to a week for the billing to be finalised. If you have driving credit, an available balance in your Car Next Door account, or a deposit (if it's your first trip), we will take the payment from there first, and only charge the balance to your card.

If you are driving over 550km, we may ask you to pay for distance before your trip ends. We will send you an email and SMS to inform you if this applies. Read more about progressive payments for long trips.

 Pro tip

You can view your current estimated distance from 24 hours after your trip has started, by going to Trips and checking the Trip cost summary for your current booking. If you have push notifications turned on, you’ll also receive regular updates. Note that the distance is not updated in real time - a note underneath the Driving costs heading will tell you when it last updated.

Fuel is included in the distance charge, and if there are any outstanding refunds pending the distance will not be billed until they have been processed. See Submitting a receipt for reimbursement.


Tolls are billed as they're charged to us or the car's owner, which is generally within 48 hours. For Key Handover trips, and in cases where a toll provider sends toll information to us later, billing can occur up to a month afterwards. This means you may be charged for tolls in the month following your trip. 

If you cancel your trip 

If you cancel before your trip starts, then the cancellation fees (if there are any) will be deducted from the pre-payment. 

If your trip ends up being shorter or longer than what you booked 

If you return the car early, you may still be charged for 'unused time': see "Cancellation policy and cancelled time or unused time charges".

If you extend your trip, you will be charged an extension fee as well as the cost of the extra time.

Viewing your trip cost breakdown

To view a breakdown of your trip charge, go to the 'Trips' tab of the website or app and select the relevant trip.

What if I’ve paid more than the trip cost?

You may end up paying more upfront than the final trip cost, due to the deposit on your first booking, any fuel refunds, driving credit, or a trip cancellation. Once the trip cost is finalised, these extra funds will be marked as Available in your Car Next Door account.

If you make another booking, these Available funds will be used for the upfront payment first, and only any remaining balance charged to your card. If any other charges come through to your account soon after the funds become available, they will also be covered. For example, membership plan fees (if applicable) or any delayed toll charges.

Otherwise, the remaining funds will be automatically refunded to you within a few days. You can speed this up by making a withdrawal via the website or the app.

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