Pricing for borrowing cars

Short answer:

When you borrow cars, you pay for the time you book the car and the distance you drive, as well as a booking fee and damage cover fee. You also pay for any tolls you incur on your trip. You can see how much each car costs by entering the dates and times you need a car when searching for cars.

When you book a car you pay for:

  • the time you book the car
  • the distance you drive
  • a booking fee
  • a Basic Cover fee
  • an optional Premium Cover fee
  • any tolls you incur on your trip

You may also pay extension fees and a deposit.

Time charges

Each car has both hourly and daily rates that are set by the owner of the car. You pay by the hour until you reach the daily rate – the daily rate is the most you'll pay for a car in a 24 hour period. Some cars have peak rates set for certain days, so you may notice a car costs more on some days of the week (like weekends) or times of the year (like long weekends and Summer holidays). And on the flipside, some cars offer discounts when you book for 3 days or more, or 12 days or more.

  Quick tip

Enter the dates and times you need a car when searching to see the total cost of your trip, excluding distance and tolls. This will help you compare different cars and understand the estimated cost of your trip for the dates you've chosen.

Distance charges

You pay a distance charge for each kilometre you drive. The distance rate is chosen by the car's owner – it'll be 21c, 33c, 39c, 45c or 53c per kilometre – and clearly displayed on the car's profile. This includes your fuel and also covers the owner for wear and tear on the car.

Booking fee

To help run our platform we charge a booking fee on all trips. Borrowers on our legacy Heavyweight plan don't pay booking fees.

Basic Cover fee

Basic Cover provides you with damage and loss cover for your trip, with an excess of $2,000. This is included for all trips.

Premium Cover fee

You may also choose to reduce your excess to $500 by adding Premium Cover for an additional hourly or daily rate. See the rates and plans page for details.

Borrowers on our legacy Heavyweight plan have Premium Cover included with every trip.


If you incur any tolls on your trip, these charges will be added to your final trip charge, along with a processing fee of $0.86 per toll. Tolls are tracked and charged to you automatically, so you don't need to buy a toll pass or bring your own toll tag.

Extension fee

An extension fee of $0.50 will be charged if you choose to extend your trip after it's started.

Security deposit

For your first trip, you'll pay a deposit, which will be refunded after your trip.

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