How much does it cost to borrow cars?

You pay for:

  • the time you have the car; and
  • the distance you drive.

If you are on the no-monthly-fee Featherweight plan, you'll also pay:

  • a booking fee and
  • if you choose, an optional excess reduction fee.

Each car's booking page has a calculator to help you estimate the final cost of your trip. Just enter in the dates and times you need the car, choose if you would like to reduce your Damage Cover Liability (insurance excess), and enter an estimate of how many kilometres you will travel. You'll then be given an estimated final cost. 

Time charges

Each car has both hourly and daily rates that are set by the Owner of the car. Typical rates for cars are $5–$8 per hour, and or $25-$40 per day. Vans cost around $9-12 per hour and $50-60 per day. Check out the pricing of cars near you!

Distance charges

You pay 33c for each kilometre you drive. This includes your fuel and also covers the owner for wear and tear on the vehicle.  

Booking fee

If you’re on our free Featherweight plan, you'll also pay a $5 booking fee.

Damage liability reduction fee

If you’re on our free Featherweight plan, you may also choose to reduce your excess for an additional hourly or daily rate. See the rates and plans page for details.

The Heavyweight membership plan gives you no booking fees and a low $500 excess for $19/month. 

Security deposit

You won't pay a deposit, but we will take a credit card pre-authorisation of $250 when you book (we'll only do this twice). See Will I Need to Pay a Deposit?

All rates include insurance, roadside assistance and fuel.

Check out our Borrower Rates and Plans page for more detailed info

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